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SIEM Platform Management Datasheet

We offer:
Hassle-free ongoing support, management and maintenance of your platform
Experienced engineers that ease the burden on your in-house team
Services for both on premise or in the cloud platforms

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SIEM Platform Management


Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) technology emerged 20 years ago to address the need to meet regulatory requirements and to detect IT security threats.
SIEM solutions have struggled to keep pace with the evolving security landscape and the risks posed by cyber-attackers. The need to manage your SIEM platform effectively is now a key requirement. Integrating your SIEM platform management with a 24x7 security capability is a necessity.


Any investment in a SIEM platform is a considered decision and getting the most value from the platform is key. Managing the SIEM platform has become as important as the data it is processing. Finding the right resources to maintain your SIEM platform 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is a challenge. Our SIEM Platform Management is designed to alleviate the resource headache and security challenges of effectively operating your SIEM platform. Our expert team of SIEM Engineers manage your SIEM platform as part of a Managed Security Service, enabling you to maximise your technology investment. SIEM Platform Management provides the ongoing support, management, and maintenance of your SIEM platform.


We support:

• On-premises SIEM deployment within customer owned or co-located environments.
• Cloud based SIEM deployment in a public/private cloud under customer ownership.

The service provides management and maintenance of the SIEM platform with the main features defined as:

• Assurance that the SIEM platform is maintained to agreed version and patch levels
• Assurance that the availability of the SIEM platform is in line with agreed service levels

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