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SIEM Content Management

25% of a cyber security analyst's time is managing false positives as a result of poor content.


Talion's SIEM Content Management Service offers organisations:

Management of new custom SIEM content creation
Retirement of obsolete content that is: inefficient, replaced, duplicated
Reporting against content planned in roadmap and delivered

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SIEM Content Management

25% of a cyber security analyst's time is managing false positives as a result of poor content


Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) technology is designed to help organisations monitor and detect threats to their IT security.

Since their emergence SIEM solutions have struggled to keep pace with the evolving security needs of today’s enterprises. The need to develop and maintain high quality detection content for SIEM platforms has never been more important. If your SIEM does not have high quality detection content that is up to date and well maintained the risk of a cyber-attack drastically increases.


SIEM Content Developers are a rare resource who are difficult to attract and retain. We have been developing SIEM content for the last 10 years; our SIEM Content Developers deliver and maintain the detection content that powers our 24/7 security monitoring services. Our Content Developers work closely with our security analysts and threat intelligence teams, to ensure we offer a defence grade content capability. Our business relies on the capability of our Content Development team and the quality of the detection content they create. We believe that this experience and knowledge can help our customers with their detection content on their own SIEM platforms.

Our SIEM Content Management service provides our people and processes to create and manage custom detection content for the customer’s SIEM platform. This custom detection content is designed to enhance the protection and monitoring of the customer’s IT estate. Better content means better detection, improved outcomes and higher quality alerts passed to your security analysts.

Where customers need assistance we can also provide Staff Augmentation services for your security analyst team.

Throughout the service lifecycle, we will ensure full transparency through regular, performance driven reporting and the delivery of supporting documentation enabling the customer to understand their content coverage against cyber threats.


We build content on the following SIEM Platforms:

• Devo
• Sentinel
• Splunk
• Arcsight


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