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Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Services


Discover how Talion anticipates, responds to and protects you against cyber threats, whatever form they take.

The MDR brochure covers:

Transparent and collaborative MDR platform model
Key benefits to your cyber security strategy
Detailed MDR security features
Our other services, from SOAR to Threat Intelligence

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Managed Detection & Response Services

Total Transparency. Complete Control.

As your cyber security partner, we work closely with you, ensuring you have full visibility and complete control over how cyber threats are monitored, how decisions are made, and how your business is protected. Our mission is to be the most transparent and collaborative MSSP in the market, giving control back to businesses. With our innovative flexible model, you can choose the level of interaction with our dedicated security team.


In contrast to standard black-box security solutions, Talion shows you everything that goes on in the SOC, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with completely customisable dashboards.



We believe in giving control back to businesses, that’s why, unlike many MSSPs, we give you total visibility of your security cases. With this unrestricted view you maintain control of your security, whether that’s making decisions on remediation actions, or having visibility of all your security incidents.


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