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Managed SOAR Brochure

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The benefits of a SOAR service for reducing alert fatigue within security teams
The 3 key elements of Talion's Managed SOAR service
A concise diagram of Talion's Managed SOAR architecture
Additional add-on services for extra support


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Managed Security Orchestration, Automation & Response (SOAR) Service


Organisations operating Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) technology are being overwhelmed with alerts, which need to be prioritised, analysed and acted upon.

Security analysts are prone to alert fatigue which leads to mistakes and real alerts being missed. The round-the-clock threat of cyber-attacks is leaving organisations facing a high-cost solution, covering unsocial hours, with a potentially diminishing value in return.

If cyber security is not already challenging enough, the high attrition rate of security analysts, added to the scarcity of skills, makes it difficult to accumulate an experienced, efficient, and resilient analyst team.

But help is at hand. Security orchestration, when deployed correctly, substantially improves Security Operation Centre (SOC) precision and performance as well as reducing analyst burn out.


A single cloud-based platform that gives you full visibility into your security operations, from customisable dashboards to individual, detailed security cases
Your analysts receive comprehensive security cases, rather than disparate alerts. Each case is enriched with contextual information, a case summary and recommended remediation actions, making it quicker and easier for analysts to make better decisions
Expertly designed and curated playbooks improve process consistency, reduce human error, speed up mundane tasks, remove the need to log into other applications and reduce the amount of training required on both your SOAR and SIEM platforms
Benefit from up to 70% reduction in triage volumes without missing any actionable security alerts
Improve your security case handling with a 300% increase in time available for triage
Reduce your analyst resources up to 65%, whilst addressing the same level of security alerts
Get greater contextual information allowing you to more accurately prioritise risks
Increase efficiency with automated response

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