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"Our security team are overwhelmed with security alerts."

We recommend looking into Managed Phishing Detection & Response (MPDR).


Phishing is increasingly used to:

Steal data
Compromise user computer system accounts
Transport and deploy of malware and ransomware

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Managed Phishing Detection and Response


Over 90% of breaches start with a phishing email, the No. 1 attack vector.

Phishing attackers are constantly looking for new and creative ways to fool users; with Phishing being increasingly used to:

• Steal data
• Compromise user computer system accounts
• Transport and deploy of malware and ransomware

As phishing threats continue to evolve, end users are increasingly being exposed to more and more malicious messages. Many organisations train their end users to identify and report suspicious emails but sometimes end users report harmless and bulk email because they think they are malicious. This creates a huge amount of ‘noise’ for the security team, using up their resources and increasing the risk of a phishing email slipping through.

The growing volume and sophistication of phishing email attacks is making organisations search for a response to the problems of phishing.


The prevalence of the phishing threat means that having effective and comprehensive phishing defence has become a critical business issue for all organisations.

The sheer volume of phishing emails – the ever-increasing volume of phishing attacks means that security teams are being overwhelmed with alerts.

At Talion we believe that customers need a service that can help them quickly detect, respond and stop phishing attacks.

Talion’s Managed PDR service provides customers with Talion security analysts who are trained to identify, analyse, and respond to phishing attacks and threats. The analysts use best of breed phishing detection and quarantining technology and threat intelligence to provide:

• Actionable intelligence about the phishing attacks in a global set of customer’s networks
• Immediate and decisive responses to verified phishing threats

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