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Hybrid SOC Report

Could a best of both worlds approach to managed services cure your cyber security headaches?

Our dedicated research findings reveal the cyber security challenges that are keeping decision-makers up at night, the role MSSPs currently play, how existing security strategies are performing, and how IT leaders expect this to change over time.

Key Findings:

 Biggest cyber threats? Phishing, ransomware and malware
70% of represented organisations are seeing between 1 and 10 cyber security incidents every week
47% of organisations experience between 1 and 5 false alerts every week

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Hybrid SOC: Could a best of both worlds approach to managed services cure your cyber security headaches?


Cyber defences of organisations of all sizes are struggling under the weight of increasing attack volumes, stealthier threat types, a complex hybrid security stack and a shortage of cyber security professionals. Defences are failing increasingly frequently, and in order to mitigate these threats cyber security teams are spending too much time manually trying to piece together what might have happened from a variety of tools.

A fully managed detection and response (MDR) solution can be a great fit for organisations that aren’t equipped to run their own security operations centre (SOC) or are overwhelmed by security infrastructure sprawl and the growing frequency and sophistication of cyber-attacks. Enterprises have sometimes been reluctant to hand over cyber security responsibilities to a third party. The concept of control over cyber security still looms large, particularly in heavily regulated industries. However, the question of where to run your security operations isn’t binary. There are solutions that can be tailored to the unique needs of an organisation.

Today, some managed security service providers (MSSPs) are evolving to take on the operations and responsibilities required by their clients, while providing visibility and oversight to them, often through a Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) solution – helping to overcome the feelings of dependency, lack of observability and loss of institutional knowledge which have sometimes been unfavourable outcomes of consulting partnerships.

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